Hiring a Content Creator for Your Brand

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Hiring a Content Creator for Your Brand

The need for quality content continues to grow as businesses flourish and expand their product range. The inevitable surge to interact with loyal consumers and attract new ones propels the demand for quality content to an all-time high. ‘Content’ is the string that ties ‘brands’ and ‘consumers’ – it’s what convinces the former to either choose the later or at least make it memorable.

Significance of Content Creators

Content providers have progressed by leaps and bounds. More than  50 million individuals around the globe identify themselves as content creators. Consumers are more empowered and educated as they spend more time interacting with creators across many platforms. Therefore, creative collaborations can help your brand reach targeted customer segments. 

What makes content creators invaluable is not just their competence in delivering compelling material that reaches a wider brand audiences but also their skill to convey and explain brand narratives in a simple yet engaging way!
Creators today have the power to shrink the sale funnel by pushing the point of inspiration closer to the point of purchase. Even the best ads look like a distraction on social media feeds. However, creative content that might be imtelligently promoting a brand may appear more authentic and reliable. 
Brands can reap numerous advantages from working with creators, however, these collaborations aren’t without challenges. With a well-thought-out strategy for influencer marketing, brands can use these collaborations to build ties with customers and drive more business.

Finding the Right Content Creator for Your Brand

Creator economy is redefining how brands launch campaigns and promote their products. However, getting someone who has a large following onboard  is not enough to make a campaign successful. Choosing the right one is just as important as the content itself! 

While hiring a content creator, you are investing in more than just their expertise and experience. You are paying for access to their audience. You must be specific about your goals and what you hope to achieve. With these guidelines, the creator will also be able to come up with content that makes your goals easier.

1-  Decide on the type of content

The first step in finding the right creatives to collaborate with is to outline your content requirement. Do you think video based tutorials would be more efficient to promote your product or live webinars?

2- Set a Realistic Budget

How much you’re willing to spend on the material you need? The fee will then define a number of thing, such as the number of posts, the level of expertise of the creative, and the time you get from the creator.
When planning your budget, remember that some forms of content require more time to produce than others (for instance, videos). Be prepared to spend more than usual if your project has a deadline  and you want it completed on time.

3- Check within Your Community and Look at Competitors

If you have other brands to complete with it is a good idea to look at the kind of influencers that they have approached and it would be easy to shortlist by looking at the the past campaigns of the competitors with their selected influencers.
Take a look at your existing customers and see if you can find a creator within your existing loyal customer base. If the answer is yes, then you are halfway there! 

4- Check the Creator

Taking note of the creator’s metrics is vital in determining if they will help you achieve your marketing goals. After finding a creator whose work you like, do your research before approaching them. Check their profiles and look for bots and spam.
Check out the old partnerships. The creator’s personality, interests, may all be visible from the brands and partners they choose to work with. Their interests vary over time, but you may use this information as the basis for deciding how to tackle your own partnership with them.


Hiring the right content creator requires a lot of effort. Maybe you would like them to be physically near your retail store, or you want them to have a huge social media following. Creators that  you decide to work with must also share the values and principles of your brand. The only way to find out is to vet them, carefully or sign up at Tableh that has already done this job for you!


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