3 Reasons For Running Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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Have you ever thought about the advantages that a good influencer marketing campaign has for your brand/business? We have 3 reasons for you to trust influencer-marketing campaigns, firstly, this form of marketing is non-invasive which makes it more credible in the sight of the consumers.
On the other hand, and perhaps the most important reason, is that collaborating with influencers means brands can directly impact their desired target audience. For this to happen, it’s essential to carefully select the influencers you work with by closely looking at the followers or target audience of a potential influencer.

Here are few reasons that should convince you to run influencer marketing campaigns:

1- Helps you to increases customer life time value

More than half 50% of marketers believe that influencer marketing helps them to get better customers. This, by far, is among the most important benefits of influencer marketing as higher-quality customers are more likely to become recurring buyers. Customer life-time value can be increased through influencer marketing. The recurring buyers are also far more likely to recommend products they buy again and again to their friends and serve as unofficial brand ambassadors.

2- Boost Engagement

Increased engagement is an added benefit of influencer marketing. Therefore, collaborating with an influencer can help you acquire more likes, comments on your social media posts while increasing reach. An influencer introduces your brand to their own established following made up of individuals who people who count on them, trust their reviews and want to follow their footsteps.
Your content immediately gets a stamp of credibility by someone more likely to be perceived as authentic and famous in his/her niche. Consequently, you reach a larger audience so that more people find out about who you are and what you stand for. You never know and you might even go viral!


3- Return of Investment (ROI) is better

Of all the benefits of influencer marketing, this is perhaps the most lucrative and important one when it comes to investing in paid media. After all, what’s the point in investing in a marketing strategy if it doesn’t give you a good return and increase revenue for your brand/business?

There are numbers to back this as statistics have shown that influencer marketing gives strong returns. The ROI of an influencer marketing is 11x higher compared to other types of digital marketing (on average). This makes it far more valuable than not only traditional marketing tactics (print, TV, Radio), but also the digital marketing ads.
What’s even better is that data obtained by influencer marketing platform, such as Tableh, you can select influencers for your collaborations who are more likely to impact a specific demographic.


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